Thursday, August 15, 2013

Other Resources - and Reasons to Build Them

Here are some examples of others who have built similar shelters, and a few reasons why they are needed. 

1) Search "Mico-Shelters for the homeless" on YouTube. The video shows how the good people of Grass Valley, Nevada County, Calif. in 2011 built 40 OSB  plywood, wheeled shelters for the homeless people living in their area. Great people.

2) Paul  Elkins' "Homeless or Emergency Shelter" video on YouTube. A genius of a man with great ideas and inventions. This is were I learned about Coroplast. Thank you, Paul.

3) "Dignity Village" on YouTube. In Portland, Oregon, the city loaned some land that the homeless people could have their homes on. This is public land that we all own - you, me and them too. 

About 10 years ago 100 or more homeless people had a sit in because they had no place to go and had been kicked out from place to place, harassed by the police for being on "public property" and for "trespassing." All because people complained. So, you might ask, WHERE CAN A HOMELESS PERSON BE?

The proper thing for cities and states to do is what Portland did and allow our homeless brothers and sisters and children to have a safe place to put these Survival Shelters and Survival Pods. This way they will not be run off by the police. There are safe and unused public and private lands -- and unused buildings -- all over the United States. These places are away from traditional neighborhoods but still close to services for the homeless.  

We the people need to stand up for our homeless children, women and men!

Note: In March 2011 an Associated Press story (link here: ) informed that in Orange County, Calif., just two miles from Disneyland, there are 25,000 to 35,000 homeless people living in dirty, old tents and two-thirds of them are women and children. Twenty-five thousand in one area!

Think about this. It may not seem likely now, but you and I could be only a few paychecks away, or a divorce away, from being homeless. Don't think it can't happen to you. I'm one who learned that lesson. I thought I would always have my home. Wrong! 

These shelters and pods could be set up in areas that do not bother other people. It could be like a mini trailer park, planned out nicely, with these good looking shelters and pods. With rules, of course. 

Remember these are NOT meant to be permanent housing. They are on wheels. They keep one safe. And they are to be kept clean by the homeless person, with a trash roll-off can, moveable port-a-potty for sanitation, and security from the homeless person themselves. They can have a water trailer like the army use. And then given a central center with electricity for washing clothes and cooking, and computers ... you get the idea. 

Most of these people want the *dignity* of a place to call their own. And a physical address to tell an employer, just until they can have a real place of their own. It would cheaper for the taxpayer to do this than what we have now. In Provo, Utah in 2011 or 2012, according to the Daily Herald, the Provo Food and Care Coalition spent *one million dollars* to put up homeless people for 3 nights in motels. 

How many other homeless shelters are wasting money that could be use to buy property and materials for these shelters and pods? And they would give the homeless people a chance to have some dignity and respect for themselves and from other people.

In Japan they have whole hotels of 4' x 4' x 8' cubes with lights, TV's, desks and beds and closing slide-down doors, which they rent to the people during the week so they don't have to commute long distances until the weekend. I have read that such shelters are now in New York City and other state are starting to get them as well.             

-- Gary P.

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  1. Nice work Paul...I would like to see homeless pods in homeless parks set up everywhere by governments around the world.

    In Australia there is public housing but the single mothers and disabled get first pick after waiting 7 years...single males etc good luck getting something and i feel its the single males that need a place as they usually do not have as good support networks as women ie families do not usually like to house homeless males but usually offer to daughters etc because of the perception males can be trouble or harder to control...


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