Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Survival Pod: 10' long X 6' high X 4' wide. Wood and Coroplast sides and top. 250 lbs. Sleeps 4 or more.


  1. Am I right that it's impossible to live in such pod during the winter?
    What is a device on a rooftop of img#55 ?

  2. For a homeless person it sure beats living in the snow.
    In fact the corrugated plastic used in the roofing material has quite good insulating properties as there are many isolated air cells within its structure forming a sinusoidal shape. Taking this further, sinusoidal pockets have a large surface area on one side and very tiny on the opposing side, meaning the energy absorbed on the larger plane must conduct through a very Tibet plane upon exit. Conversely the inverse shape has an equally tiny thermal entry point and large exit point.
    All this sums up to being quite an efficient thermal well.
    Short answer is your assumption is fundamentally flawed.

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