Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Survival Pod: 7' 9" long X 4' wide X 4' high. 12" high bottom side board to make higher. Good for 2 people. Coroplast.


  1. Awesome website! Thank you Gary. God's blessings! Floyd, http://www.takinitotthestreet.org/index.html?r=20140305150733

  2. I just built a greenhouse quite similar to this out of pallet wood, and thought it would make a nice shelter for a guy I know who is living in a tent a few miles away. I've been trying to find corrugated plastic, but can't find anything bigger than 4' x 4'. A few places that make signs say that they might have some laying around somewhere, but they don't seem interested in selling me blank coroplast. So I was wondering if just regular corrugated cardboard would work if I painted it. I was also thnking that i might be able to use some canvas drop cloths stretched tight and painted as well. I'm in Florida so I don't think it gets cold enough to be a problem. This design in particular is just what I need to copy. Thanks for posting these pictures.

  3. microfleece to use in potty corners of the cage and to catch water bottle drips. I have approximately 6-8 that I use for each set of bedding.
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  4. Corrugated Plastic coroplast sheets is beautiful, affordable easy to use and durable enough to use. I do not regret that I have bought them. coroplast signs


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