Deluxe Hand Cart Survival Shelter

Survival Shelters and Survival Pods

Dignity Roller Pod 12-person Motel Trailer

Survival Pod: 7' 9" long X 4' wide X 4' high

Survival Shelter ("Weather Slayer"): 8' long X 4' wide X 4' high (wood)

Survival Shelters and Survival pods in the snow

Survival Pod: 10' long X 6' high X 4' wide

Survival Pod: 7' 9" long X 40" wide X 35" high

Survival Pod: 7' long X 3' wide X 3' high

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  1. This is so amazing and shows there are good people in this world I spent some time with Gary last summer helping build pint design ,It takes a special person to do something so kind generous, he has a very big heart . these pods are so amazing I spent a weekend in one and I loved it, Thank you Gary for your kind generosity and giving some homeless a place to call home , off the street ,some stability ,I know these pods really made an impact ,god bless you Gary..


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