Friday, December 27, 2013

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Micro-Trailer Park- Deluxe Hand Cart Survival Shelter

*Under Construction*   (I'll add more pictures here once I finish building this shelter...)      
Deluxe Survival Shelter Handcart, Wagon, for Micro-Trailer Park:
-  Expect to pay up to $1,400.00 for these materials in Utah (plus labor)
-  For one or two people to live in
-  9' 6" Long x 6' 6" High x 4' Wide
- O.S.B  plywood and steel roof. Or can make it 10' Long plus 1' 6" top outside storage box?
 - 1" insulation inside,  Reg House right side double pane windows

- 5' x 3' on one side and 3' x  3' on the other side
- Will have 100 watt solar panel on south side top, 105 Amp Hrs Deep Cycle 12 volt Battery (in rear top outside box)
- 110 volt 5 socket plug,  microwave oven, Coleman dual fuel unleaded car gas two burner cook stove (at Walmart: $100.00), 12-volt car refrigerator,  10,000 Btu. wall-mounted Blue Flame Propane heater with 20 lb. bottle * in outside box also*
-  Electric Heater,  Walmart Kerosene Lantern  vented top outside ($ 6.99 )
- 7-gal water storage bottle, Desk for computer and work space and for cooking,  RCA  22" Led  A/C - D/C  DVD  TV
- Two folding camping chairs, Carpet,  3" deep x  6' Long  x 4' wide foam *roll up and store* sleeping pad for the floor. You can stand up in the front and rear of Shelter. Middle from 4' 6" up, Two Shelves up, 4' Wide x 3' Deep 2'  High is all storage for clothes and food, etc. and 6" shelves on both top sides.     
- In  front outside a 4' x 4' sq x  6' 6" high privacy tarp shelter for your 5-gal port-a-potty. Bucket with a real toilet seat and bucket lid to transport to toilet at gas station to empty or ...   
- Simple, Small, and everything a person needs to be comfortable.   
- Build the Base Shelter then add what you want for your comfort. This is only to show what you can have if you want.  You will probably be gone most of the time working or looking for work , or at the soup kitchens, or with your friends. So why will you want to pay high rent for an apartment or house for one or two people?  Or live in a tent?  Or under a tarp?  Build these shelters and DEMAND that the cities and states give, or rent, you a place for these good looking shelters on *public or private land* that you will not be harassed and moved off by the police.  You have the   *right to live and survive*  just like the people lucky enough to still have a job and a home. 
- On YouTube and the Internet look  up (Dignity Village) in Portland  Oregon . That is what they have.


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