Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This is information I found on the internet. I am not being paid to share this with you.    Gary Pickering        *Do you have  CANCER?    or have Children with     SEIZURES   OR  EPILEPSY?*     Brad Morehouse of  Peyton  Colorado  is giving out Free  Oil/Paste. to the Poor.    *Or learn how he makes his Paste and make your own.*  Read his whole website and   {you decide}   if it could Help You.     Brad Morehouse   1-719-339-9556                 ALSO                   * Run From the Cure*           {The Rick Simpson Story. }            Click on below link.         I lost  my Beautiful Daughter Annett at the age of 34 to Breast Cancer.     ( DID SHE REALLY HAVE A CHANCE??? )       With the Poison   *CHEMOTHERAPY/RADIATION*   That Killed her good Cells that she needed to Fight the Cancer?    (When there are known Cancer Cures out there that are Suppressed,)   ( And we all Know it. )  { If you have a Garden with WEEDS in it with your beautiful flowers and you kill everything in the garden with poisons to kill the Weeds.  WHAT comes back to the garden ???   {The WEEDS.}!!!    So that the Drug Companies  and Some Doctors can keep making Billions of Dollar, while the People keep Suffering and Dying.    ( WAKE UP WORLD! )      * In Utah a New Law will go into effect on July 1, 2014 for the use of Cannabis Oils  for children that suffer from Seizures and Epilepsy.    Watch the True  You Tube Story of      {Rick Simpson}   (CANCER. Gone in 90 Days,  No Side Effects.).  Ask yourself why the Cancer researchers aren't studying the medical benefits of the Hemp/Marijuana plant?     TO CURE (ALL) OF WE THE PEOPLE?       * {  DR. Leonard Coldwell Cancer   *on the Internet *  } *     "Chemo Therapy 98% FAILURE  2%  SUCCESS"   People treated for cancer don't Die of Cancer. they die of Chemo Therapy Treatment.                THE BIG CANCER LIE.          *{   } *         Study's of the last 50 years show conventional treatment,   * No Better than a Sugar Pill.*   Here is an other Healing  Person that they do Not want you to Know about.   Jim  Humble.  MMS.  " More than  200,000  Americans are using The Miracle Solution  {MMS}.  More than 10,000 bottles of MMS are being sold every month."   I hope that this information will Help you and your Loved ones.       Your Friend      Gary Pickering

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