Sunday, January 19, 2014

Learn about the DIGNITY VILLAGE in Portland, Oregon on Wikipedia, and on YouTube (type "dignity village") -- to see the story of what really ALL cities, states and countries should be allowing Homeless people to do.  All HOMELESS PEOPLE should be able to stay on public lands that are clean and safe to stay on (with rules of course) until they can get back on their feet and have a place of there own.                Homeless man Roy Gleiter lost his home in Katrina,  *Traveling from Washington  D.C to Washington State and back to Kentucky pulling a 5000 LBS car trailer { No Truck } to protest what FEMA did to the people of Katrina.*           *Look him up on You Tube and the Web.* And hear his story.

                Which is best for a homeless person -- this?     Roy Gleiter                     

Or this?

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