Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dignity Roller Pod 12-person Motel Trailer

      *Under Construction;*    10' L X 9' H X 7' W.  * Movable Capsule Unit  Motel *    Small Trailer for car towing.  On Harbor Fright Tools Company  8' Long X 4' Wide 1750 LBS Weight limit,  $350.00  (on sale,)  put together trailer.      Survival   "Dignity Roller Pod Motel"  for 6 or 12 People.  6 units. 40" wide X  38"  High X  7' Long.   4" roof angled up  higher  on one side. Heated  by  2 Kerosene vented to out side  Lanterns { Wal-Mart $ 6.99 each }  in each unit.   Insulated,   Carpeted,   One foot Wide  x  6'  Long shelf inside each unit,   Steel Roof.  O.S.B Plywood Ends.   Nice Tuff  Shed  plywood sides.   Doors have windows and air vents.  Electric Plugs  in each unit. Electric heater so can be plugged in if it has access to power.    Paint all outside wood.   *Built from idea of Japanese small one person Capsule unit hotels.  Look them up on the Internet and You tube.  These are to be towed to area were homeless are in trouble and set up to save lives!!!

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